How to Install Jenkins

In previous article we have seen about 'Jenkins' and what all Jenkins can do with its advantages.

Installing Jenkins is very simple, you can just get started by a single command line. That's it. You can access it with URL 'localhost:8080' . Let us see how to do that in below 5 steps. Before proceeding to install Jenkins, Jenkins requires Java 7 or above to function and Java8 is recommended as system requirement to run Jenkins.

Step 1: Download jenkins.war file from Jenkins Download Jenkins.war

Step 2: Now copy 'jenkins.war' in a folder. I have placed in c drive as below:

install jenkins via command line

Step 3: DONE. Now go to the command prompt and execute the below statement via command line.

java -jar jenkins.war

Step 4: After executing the above command, you should see something like below.

start jenkins via command line

Step 5: Once Jenkins has started, you should now be able to access it by using URL - 'localhost:8080'

You can also install Jenkins as a window service Visit jenkins page on how to Install Jenkins as a Window service it is very well documented. Once, it is installed, you shouldn't need to do anything else here because the windows installer will automatically runs Jenkins as a windows service.


Thank you very much for post on Jenkins. It's very simple to understand and start with Jenkins

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