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API Testing: Which tool is the best?

API testing (Application Programming Interface Testing) is a software testing type which focuses on the determination of the developed APIs meet expectations regarding the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the application.
In such a scenario, people mentioned API testing as a must-have step in many workflows. This blog can help you understand why the demand for API testing increasing and which tools could be suited for your project in 2020.

Top 5 Mobile tools for all budgets

Demand for Mobile testing is surging day-by-day and “the market of Mobile Applications is projected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026” from a report titled Mobile Application Market published by Allied Market Research. Then, QA teams will have to find suitable mobile testing tools for them. According to the percentage of the budget, this article lists out 5 mobile testing tools that you could apply.

Best way to locate Object in Web UI Automation with Katalon Studio

Despite teams applying manual or automated testing for Web UI projects, renovating object locators for the Application Under Test (AUT) is a required step when adjustments are made to the app because locators are easily broken or unable to identify the target element when the AUT. For testers, it seems like updating locators to new objects is a never-ending task.

Migrating from Selenium to Katalon Studio | A Progress in Codeless Test Automation

The first wave in test automation is fulfilled with great vendor tools such as WinRunner, Silk Test, which offered a springboard for a significant breakthrough later - Selenium. However, the truth is that you may hear testers muttering a curse about vendor tools: flaky tests and sluggish maintenance processes. Selenium initiated the second wave in test automation, which shifted the focus towards software programming and development when generating a test.

Codeless Testing Tools are The Solutions For 2020’s Test Automation Challenges

Codeless applications are creating a new age of technology which satisfy the demands and skill sets of both novices and expert users. Prominent codeless tools such as Squarespace, Airtable, or Wix have made noticeable changes to the way non-technical users get involved in the product development cycle. As a result, the gap between the increasing demands of product delivery and the team members’ general skill sets is effectively narrowed down.

Codeless Test Automation: A new benchmark for Quality Assurance in 2020

According to a recent report by Capgemini, the top most prominent challenges that testers face in automation testing are associated with programming levels. However, many test automation tools in the market still require a certain level of coding skill to adopt. The problem is, testers are not always programmers. This knowledge gap can cause several drawbacks for the testing process, thus affecting the entire business’s workflow. 

Automate your Desktop App Testing with Katalon Studio 7

Starting from Katalon Studio 7, Katalon users can automate their desktop app testing projects on Windows 10. With this new capability, it’s safe to say that Katalon Studio now becomes a complete cross-platform automation when it covers from web, mobile, API to desktop app testing. 

Katalon Studio 7 supports you to automate your desktop application in the several platforms: Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Classic Windows (Win32). 

Eliminate Web loading issue with Katalon Smart Wait Feature


Selenium Webdriver (Selenium) is no doubt the leading web testing automation framework that is most popular and familiarized with the testing community.  One of the most common features of Selenium is Wait command. However, this powerful feature comes along with a big problem with timing due to front-end processing. 

Create your Windows App Testing with Record feature in Katalon Studio

You’ve already used Record & Play Back feature in Katalon Studio to easily automate your web, mobile, or API testing. This ultimate feature is also integrated into the newest capability of Katalon Studio 7 - Desktop app testing. Now, let’s walk through the step-by-step instruction below to execute your Windows app testing with the Record feature successfully.