Groups in TestNG

TestNG allows us to perform sophisticated groupings of test methods.

Using TestNG we can execute only set of groups while excluding another set. This gives us the maximum flexibility in divide tests and doesn't require us to recompile anything if you want to run two different sets of tests back to back.

Groups are specified in testng.xml file and can be used either under the or tag. Groups specified in the tag apply to all the tags underneath.

import org.testng.annotations.Test;
public class groupExamples {
	public void testCaseOne()
	System.out.println("Im in testCaseOne - And in Regression Group");
	public void testCaseTwo(){
	System.out.println("Im in testCaseTwo - And in Regression Group");
	@Test(groups="Smoke Test")
	public void testCaseThree(){
	System.out.println("Im in testCaseThree - And in Smoke Test Group");
	public void testCaseFour(){
	System.out.println("Im in testCaseFour - And in Regression Group");

The below is the XML file to execute, the test methods with group.
We will execute the group “Regression” which will execute the test methods which are defined with group as “Regression”

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<suite name="Sample Suite">
  <test name="testing">
        <include name="Regression"/>
       <class name="" />
Test Frameworks: 


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Let me explain you mine case.
I want to do sanity testing for online shopping website.
Sanity includes : login with valid user >> go to product details page >> add product into cart >> go to cart page >> do checkout >> create new order.

I have POM classes for every page. Like Login page, Product detail page, cart page, checkout page etc
and I have test classes for each page like LoginPageTest , CartPagetest etc which contains all test cases(positive and negative) belonging to that respective pages.

Now i want to execute all positive test cases for my sanity testing.
please guide me how will I use this group annotation.

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