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Working with Select examples

As we have seen earlier WebDriver’s support classes called “Select”, which provides useful methods for interacting with select options. User can perform operations on a select dropdown and also de-select operation using select methods.

We will now show you how to work with select methods using examples tests. We have created a common resuables which can be used across the tests.

Below is the sample test with three test methods. Each with a different example.

Working with Checkbox using Resuable Methods

Working with checkbox is very simple using webdriver. It is same as click operation. But it is always recommended to check if that is already in selected mode or deselected. Because, if it is already selected and when you click on the same element it will get deselected. We will look into different ways to perform select and de-select operations on checkboxes. We will also use reusable methods to perform the operation in multiple tests.

The below is the simple command to do that: