Selenium Tutorials

How to verify entries in Exported CSV file

In this article we will look into verify Export functionality. Export functionality is exporting a document/downloading a document which has number of records / data which need to be verified. Generally exported document will be in the form of csv file. We will now read csv file with the help of Java FileReader and LineNumberReader

Validate Downloaded file after clicking on downloaded button/ link

It is very important to verify if the file is downloaded successful or not. Most of the cases we just concentrate on clicking the downloaded button. But at the same time it is also very important to confirm that file is downloaded successfully without any errors or if some other file is getting downloaded.

In most of the cases we know which file is getting downloaded after clicking on download button / link. Now when we know the file name, we can verify using java for the 'File Exists' in a downloaded folder location which we specify.

Resizing a web element using movebyoffset

Normally when ever we want to change the size of an element we do with the help of mouse manually. Now we will see to resize / change the size of an element using webdriver actions class with moveByOffset which moves the mouse position from its current position by the given offset.

Below are the simple steps thats needs to be followed for the below example:-

Get Css values using Webdriver

When ever we are testing the applications, we may require css value of the element. Say now we need to check the scenario of a button color/state getting changed or not when we do mouse hover.

To check this, we can check the css values that are changing when we perform mouse hover on the element.

Now let us take an example of 'Google Search' button in google home page.

Get Attribute values using Webdriver

There are cases where you want to get the attributes values and then perform any action.

In the below, if you see, button tag which has multiple attributes 'name', 'id', 'class' and 'aria-label' and has values for each attribute. To get the attribute value using selenium webdriver, we can use 'element.getAttribute(attributeName)'.

If we try to get the attribute value that doesn't exists for the tag, it will return null value.

Working with AutoComplete Text box

Now a days, in most of the applications, we can see a 'Auto Complete' textboxes which will help users to quickly find the option from a pre-populated list of values based on the text that is entered by the user. It mainly concentrates on providing suggestions to users while typing into the field.

Let us now see a basic example. When we enter any text, we can select the value from the pre-populated list by using 'String' or 'Index value'

auto complete textbox

Right Click Context Menu example

We will show how to work with context menu by taking a simple example. In the below example, we will first Right click on the element and the select the required option from the list of values. In the example we have also switched to an alert to verify if we have successfully clicked on the required link by using TestNG asserts