Install Maven in Eclipse

You can install maven as a plug-in for Eclipse. Using Eclipse Market Place or By using Install new software option.

First let us try installing using an easy way 'Eclipse Market Place'.

After you click on Eclipse market place under help menu, we need to search for maven. It will show you many results with maven. Please select the Maven based on your eclipse version like Maven Integration for Eclipse and m2e connector etc (Kepler/Luna etc).

You can also check, if there are any installed softwares as a plug-in for eclipse. Even after installing, maven you can check in eclipse market place -> installed softwares

eclipse maven

Based on your current eclipse version click on 'Install' button.
eclipse maven install

It will check for all the dependencies and Then click on next, next buttons to complete the installation. Once that is done, it will ask you to restart your eclipse.

If the above steps are not working, try to install using install new software under help menu. This is the most successful installation for maven.

Click on 'Install new software' under help menu
install maven for eclipse

And Enter the URL as below mentioned in the screen shot, It will display Maven Integration for Eclipse, select the checkbox and click on Next button. If this is not supporting please try changing the version.

install maven

It will display the installation details as below, Click on Next button
installation details maven

Note: If maven is already installed, it will display message as 'Maven is already installed, so an update will be performed'. If installing maven for the first time, please ignore this.

It will display license agreement screen, and it is required to accept the terms of the license agreement and click on Finish button
terms and conditions maven

After clicking on the finish button, the installation will start.

installing maven

Once the installation is done, it will ask you to restart the eclipse, Click on yes button to restart eclipse.

And Now, we can check if the maven is installed successfully in Eclipse.

Navigate to file menu -> New -> Project, Click on Project.

And now enter text as 'maven' which will display as below
installed maven

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