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Take screenshots within a browser while testing - Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge a very useful feature that will help users. We have discussed Taking screenshots using selenium automation. But there may be number of reasons that you might want to take a screenshot of the web page in your browser.

While we are executing the test cases manually we may sometimes take a screenshot as a proof and upload this image to bug that we log and attach screenshot as an evidence that you had a problem. And sometimes would want to save a copy of the web page as a screenshot on your computer for reference.

If you want to do the same, lets follow the steps outlined in the below post to help you take full page screenshot of any web page in Google Chrome / Firefox / Edge browsers.

Below are the list of tools that helps you to capture the screen while testing or finding errors manually validating your website :-

1.Snipping tool
5.FastStone Capture

Say No to screenshot tools

How do capture screenshot in Chrome browser?

You can do that from Chrome's Developer Tools. First, launch Google Chrome browser and navigate to the web page whose screen you would like to take screenshot.

Just open the Chrome developer tools by pressing (Ctrl + Shift + C) on Windows and on mac press (Alt + Command + I).

Now Click on the Toggle Device Mode button (mobile devices icon) in the left corner and once this is activated, the button will turn blue in color. If required, select your desired size and orientation to take the screenshot.

Once finished, click on the 3-dots icon in the extreme right corner and from the list of options displayed, and select Capture screenshot (visible on the screen) / Capture full size screenshot to capture entire web page.

Capture screenshot in chrome

How do capture screenshot in Firefox browser?

Firefox Screenshots is a cool new feature to take, copy, download, and share screenshots.

There are two ways to use it, First click on the page actions menu icon in the upper right-hand corner beside address bar and select Take a Screenshot from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively you can also take a screenshot by right-clicking on a page and choosing Take a screenshot.

Capture screenshot in Firefox

It gives multiple options take screenshot like drag and drop to select a region, take screenshot of the visible page or take the full page screenshot also. And believe me, it is super fast.

Save on Firefox cloud - You can actually Save the screenshot on cloud and share url. It will be saved on and will append a unique code for your screenshot and will be saved for 14days.

Capture screenshot options in Firefox

How do capture screenshot in MS Edge browser?

First click on Notes icon in the top-right window corner, and then clip option, It also has many option like adding notes, highlighting section, sharing the note etc.

Capture screenshot in Edge

Capture screenshot Options in Edge Browser :-

Capture screenshot options in Edge

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