Katalon Studio Tutorials

Beginners guide to Web testing with Katalon Studio

All newly developed websites need to be tested for its functionality and stability. This task requires testers to have sufficient skills and tools to perform an automation project for a website effectively.

Katalon Studio is a free and comprehensive test automation tool for web, mobile, API, and desktop projects. It makes automated testing easy for those with minimal coding skills, yet inclusive enough to help you work on advanced projects. Katalon Studio comes in two versions: the Standard free Katalon Studio and Katalon Studio Enterprise for teams at scale.

Beginners guide to API testing with Katalon Studio

API testing (or web service testing for a web application) is a quick and effective way to validate an application’s logic without having to examine the GUI of the application under test.

In today’s DevOps and Agile age of software development, API testing is the preferred test automation method as it can cope with short release cycles, and the frequently changed presentation layer without breaking the test outputs.