FluentAutomation CSharp

Handling Basic Web Elements Using Sample Program

Will see how to write a sample program using Fluent Automation and here will deal with few basic web element handling i.e. Input box,Button and Dropdown/Combo box using Fluent Automation.

Along with those elements, how to launch firefox browser, maximizing the window.and navigating to the particular Url/site.

Below is the sample program for the points which discussed:

How to configure Fluent Automation in Visual Studio

Now let us see how to configure Fluent Automation in Visual Studio.

Step 1: Open Visual Studio
Visual Studio is a comprehensive collection of developer tools and services to help you create apps for the Microsoft platform and beyond.

Step 2: Create a new “Class Library” project:

File → New → Project → Select “Class Library”

Step 3: Give the location where want to store the Project in Location field

Introduction to Fluent Automation

When try to automate any web application, will definitely look for a simple and powerful testing framework. Then can definitely consider this Fluent Automation to automate any web base application. It can be used with Selenium WebDriver C# and WatiN. Here going to discuss how to work with fluent automation with Selenium in the next blogs.