The collaboration of AI and Codeless: The New Era

Automated Testing Trends and The Challenges:

Automated testing is mentioned in this era more and more frequently. According to, The global automation testing market size is predicted to grow from USD 12.6 billion in 2019 to USD 28.8 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.0% during the forecast period. 
Automation testing trend and challenge
However, automation testing still face many challenges, some major challenges for using automation can be listed as:
  • Test flakiness: Flaky tests occur due to many factors, including poorly written scripts, concurrency, async wait, test order dependency, etc. There is no ultimate solution for flaky tests at the moment.
  • Programming skills: The most difficult for manual testers who started the transition to automation testing is the coding knowledge. The QA teams have to possess satisfactory coding skills to write, execute, and maintain test scripts. 
  • Visual testing: Ensuring visual quality is essential since visible defects often influence functionality as well as  the overall user experience. Even some teams continue to test visual defects manually; many teams have automated test visual defects based on advanced AI to save time and money.

What is The Solution to These Problems?

Solution for the problems of automation testing
For this problem, a collaboration was made from the top tool of each field: Katalon Studio represented for Automation Testing tools and AppliTools represented for  Test Automation platform powered by Visual AI.

Katalon Studio: A Complete Code-less Testing tool

Katalon Studio
Katalon Studio is a test automation tool made for teams at any stage of testing with diverse application needs. The tool offers a wide range of integration capabilities and scales up options for teams to optimize their testing — all in a single downloadable package.

AppliTools: Artificial Intelligence’s Application

While AppliTools is a tool that allowed you to automatically test the look & feel and user experience of your app. With it, you can check the right color, shape, position, size of the elements. Moreover, you can make sure that there are no overlaps or hide other UI elements in UI Testing.
The Integration between AppliTools & Katalon Studio
From Katalon Studio version 7.6 onwards, Applitools Integration becomes a built-in Katalon Studio Enterprise feature. If you are using the version of Katalon Studio before  7.6, you can install this plugin. It is possible to use the Applitools Integration plugin for both Recording and Scripting Modes in Katalon Studio. Check out this tutorial for seamless integration.
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Katalon Studio: 

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