7 Major Updates of Katalon Studio 7

The brand new Katalon Studio 7 has arrived!

Katalon has released the latest version of the test automation tool: Katalon Studio 7 (KS7). This marks a significant milestone on their automation journey with a host of enhanced features tailored for medium and large businesses’ needs. Katalon Studio 7 aims to help users tackle all common testing challenges and make automation experience more enjoyable.

Download Katalon Studio 7 at www.katalon.com.

Now, it’s time to walk through the top 7 outstanding new features in KS7!

Katalon Studio 7: Explore the new automation experience

7 major updates of Katalon Studio 7

1. Smart execution

Selenium users regularly experience a problem when testing web apps: web elements cannot be interacted with due to the timing issue. To solve this pain point, KS7 offers users with a brand new feature: Smart Wait Function.

With the new Smart Wait feature, your automation executions will wait until the web page has fully loaded. In other words, this mechanism enables all front-end processes — including JavaScript and Ajax — to become static without any additional codes.

Smart Wait will eliminate the flakiness caused by the Selenium timing issue and ensure the stability of the test results as well as enhance the code quality.

2. Desktop app testing

Apart from the supported testing capabilities on web, API, and mobile, you can now extend your test coverage to a new testing capability available in the KS7 version: Desktop application testing. This version allows you to execute test automation for UI on Windows 10.

Similar to the web, API, and mobile testing capabilities, Katalon Studio also integrates the Objects Spying, Record, and Playback features into desktop app test cases. Additionally, the rich set of built-in keywords can ease the user’s testing experience and make it more accessible and efficient to users of all testing levels.

3. Test artifacts sharing

With the Test artifacts sharing feature, you no longer have to put effort into copying your test artifacts, including test cases, test objects, profiles, or custom keywords, into source code manually. Instead, you can easily export and import test artifacts across multiple Katalon Studio projects.
Test artifacts sharing stimulates the flexibility and efficiency in test project implementation as well as project management. This feature also helps you streamline teamwork and increase collaboration amongst your team.

4. Private plugins

The latest version KS7 supports you in designing private plugins for your teams and distribute them internally without publishing them on Katalon Store for public use. If you already have developed your custom keywords, you now can easily share those keywords as plugins to reuse them in other test projects.

The self-developed plugins will help you improve your testing capabilities, enhance team collaboration, and eliminate the security problems.

5. Test suite collection reports

KS7 now supports generating test suite collection reports. With this feature, you can categorize the existing test suites into separate groups, thus enhancing test management and speed up the execution process. Test suite collections can be executed in both sequential and parallel approaches, allowing test implementation in multiple environments.

Furthermore, the new test suite collection reports can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your test results. These reports can be created in HTML, PDF, or JUnit formats to make it accessible to all team members. With the new reports view, you can generate valuable insights to manage and build suitable strategies for your later test cases.

6. Data-driven testing with custom test data sources

With the new Database setting capability, you can create your own database connection and use those data sources in your test cases on Katalon Studio. This feature supports other database servers besides MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of automation projects.

7. SSL client certificates and console log customization

KS7 can send requests in API/Web services projects with SSL client certificates. Now, users with restricted network policy can bypass the SSL server certificate validation and continue to enjoy testing with Katalon Studio as usual.

KS7 allows you to gain more control by customizing console logs by enabling and disabling logs of executed test steps. This feature allows you to quickly pinpoint the root causes of any issues and gain a comprehensive view of the tests run.

And more to come!

Katalon Studio 7 is now made available in two versions: Basic and Enterprise. The Enterprise version is the best solution for users with the needs for network security policy compliance, as well as advanced features to optimize their testing workflow and performance.

Katalon Studio promises to release more updates and improvements to deliver the next level of automation testing in the near future. In the meantime, visit www.katalon.com for more information.

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