Installing ANT

Before installing ANT, make sure you have a Java environment installed. And then proceed for ANT installation. Check from command prompt if java is installed already in your machine. Type 'Java -version' to check if the java is installed or not.

Step 1: First please download the latest version of ANT . Click here to download ant
Note: Make sure you download the appropriate formats. As .zip format is recommended format for Windows Operating systems. It looks like

Step 2: Extract '' and rebane with proper name by removing the version as 'Apache Ant'. And place the extracted folder in C drive, preferably C:\Program Files.

Step 3: Now we need to SET the path in Environment variables as we do for JAVA.

Please find the below steps with screen shots to set the ANT Path:

From the desktop, right click the 'Computer' icon / Right click on my computer and Choose 'Properties' from the context menu. And Click the 'Advanced system settings' link.

Click 'Environment Variables'.

ant system properties

In the section 'System Variables', Add path for ANT. After adding find the 'PATH' environment variable and Click on 'Edit' to add.

ant environment variables

ant system variable

In the Edit System Variable (or New System Variable) window, specify the value of the 'PATH' environment variable. Click 'OK'.

ant path set

ant system path

Click on OK button and close all remaining windows.

Please go to the command prompt and check if the installation is done successfully.

ant system properties

Thats it.. Happy Installing..

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Could you please post how to execute Test Scripts using ANT generate HTML Reports using XML File

Please check the below link to execute test scripts using Ant

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