Ant & Maven Tutorials


Apache Maven, an open source build framework that can be used to build projects and it provides developers a complete build life-cycle framework.

Originally Maven was designed to simplify building processes in Jakarta Turbine project.

The Main Objectives of Maven are:

  • It follows the best practices and standards which helps new developers coming into a project
  • It provides quality information of the project like test reports, dependency list etc.
  • It provides a uniform build system with its project object Model.

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ANT Definition : "Apache Ant is a Java library and command-line tool that help building software."

Ant is a build tool which is used to automate software build process and most commonly used by the developers and testers. The main usage of ANT is the build of java application.

Ant uses build.xml (by default the xml file is named as build.xml) file to describe the build process and its dependencies.

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