Selenium Tutorials with Python

Locating elements in selenium python

To interact with any web page using selenium, you need to first find webelement/s to perform any action on element.

All the actions you do on a webpage like entering a text into a textbox or textarea and after filling out the form, you may want to click the button to submit data. There are many other operations we do like mousehover, selecting a value from dropdown and navigating between multiple windows/frames which we will discuss more in detail in coming tutorials.

First Example on how to use Selenium with Python

Selenium.webdriver module provides all the WebDriver implementations. WebDriver offers a multiple ways to find element/ find elements using one of the find_element_by_* methods.

Webdriver offers more than one way to locate the elements of your web application in order to find the elements. You can find elements by using ID, name, XPath, CSS Selectors, and more. Know more on Locators for Selenium

Getting started with Selenium Webdriver in Python

Python is a object-oriented programming which has simple syntax, making it the easy for someone trying to learn programming. Writing programs in Python both fun and easy.

Selenium automates browsers. Selenium is an open source library which can used to perform testing web applications. Selenium works multiple browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari etc.

To start with Selenium Webdriver Python tutorial, lets install Python and Selenium before starting.